Attorney General Sessions on the Value of Whistleblowers


Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA): In 1986, 10 years before you came to the United States Senate I got the False Claims Act passed. It has brought 53 billion dollars back into the federal treasury since then. If you’re confirmed, will you pledge to vigorously enforce the wholesome aims of the False Claims Act and devote adequate resources to investigating and prosecuting False Claims Act cases?

Jeff Sessions, Attorney General: In the qui tam provisions, that are a part of that, I’m aware of those, I think they are valid, and effective method of rooting out fraud and and abuse. I even filed one myself one time as a private lawyer. So these are important issues that you have been a leader on. It has saved this country lots of money and probably has caused companies to be more cautious because of – they could have a whistleblower who could blow the whistle on them if they do something improper. So I think it’s been a very healthy thing, and you’re to be congratulated for that, and I do support that Act.

Grassley: You took care of my second question I was going ask on qui tam, and you said that whistleblowers are very important. I’m glad to hear you say that. I don’t know where they get enough support, I hope you give priority to that, because a great number of the qui tam cases come from the outside not from the inside. Will you provide Congress with regular – this will be the last point on this – will you provide Congress with regular timely updates on the…False Claims Act cases, including statistics as to how many are under seal and the average length of seal time?

Sessions: I would do that. In my experience is…is sometimes they’re an awfully long time…

Grassley: That’s exactly why I’m asking the question, and updates from time to time will keep people within your department more responsive and responsible.

Sessions: I understand that. And is there a report – I don’t know if a report is required now, but I don’t see why it would be particularly difficult to provide that to you.

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